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Lawn Aeration, Edging, Low Cuts & Power Raking in Lethbridge

After the winter thaw, your yard may not be in the best condition. From patchy grass to overgrown foliage, there is a lot of work to be done to get your property in shape. Thankfully, R & R Lawn Care is here to help. We provide the lawn care and yard maintenance services you need to revitalize your yard. Our spring services include:


Aeration - Lawn edging - Low cuts - Power raking - Fertilizing


Thatch is a layer of dead roots, partially decomposed grass stems and debris that has accumulated below the grass blades and above the soil surface. ¼” to ½” of thatch is ideal and helps retain moisture, but excessive amounts (more than ½”) can stop water and fertilizer from reaching the soil and grass roots. Aeration is the process by which we punch holes in the surface of your lawn through the layer of thatch and soil to a depth of about 3.5”. The main reason to aerate is to alleviate soil compaction which can prevent proper circulation of air, water and nutrients. Aeration allows water and nutrients to get down to the roots easier and helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. We leave the aeration cores on the lawn to break down naturally as this helps with thatch decomposition. Aeration can be completed any time after the frost leaves and can also be done in the fall.

Power Raking

Power raking is usually completed in the spring but can be done in the fall as well without causing any damage. A lot of people believe this is a thatch removing service, but it removes next to no thatch unless done several times or done very harshly. Power raking is intended to remove dead grass roots and the dead grass blades that were not removed from the previous year. It mostly is a cosmetic job and there is little to no health benefit to the average lawn.


Low Cuts

A low cut of your grass in the spring to a length of no lower than 1” in height will do much the same job as power raking at approximately 2/3 of the cost. Low cuts are completed in early spring before your lawn greens up. Mowing at a minimum height in spring greens up dormant grass earlier, and sucks up a lot of last year’s dead grass and debris. Low cuts and aeration are both great for your lawn and are the two most requested of our services.

Lawn Edging

Edging grass is an essential component of maintaining the curb appeal of your property. A perfectly manicured lawn cannot have sloppy borders. Even the lushest, deepest expanse of green grass will look shaggy and unfinished if it’s growing out over sidewalks and paths. Edging service is done once per year as long as regular trimming with a string trimmer is completed throughout the year. Trimming should be done every week or every time you cut your grass to give your lawn a finished look.


Over time, many lawns will leech nutrients out of their soil leaving you with an unhealthy lawn susceptible to weeds and disease. We use fertilizer to replenish nutrient deficient soil. Most fertilizers are made up of three different elements:

  • Nitrogen: promotes healthy leaf growth by encouraging the production of chlorophyll, a chemical vital to photosynthesis.

  • Phosphorus: helps develop healthy roots and stems.

  • Potassium: promotes blade strength, helping to resist drought and disease.

We recommend that you fertilize your lawn 4 times per year: spring, early summer, late summer, and fall. Slow release granular fertilizers are applied with a rotary spreader. These fertilizers take longer to show results than liquid, but do not have to be applied as often. There is a less chance of granular fertilizer leeching out of the soil, and because of the time-release formula, less chance of burning your lawn.

For more information on your fertilizer options, or to book an appointment for any of our spring services, call the professionals at R & R Lawn Care.

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