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Weekly Lawn Cutting and Weed Control Service in Lethbridge

With vacations looming and the kids out of school, the summer can get busy quickly and one of the first things to get forgotten about is taking care of the lawn. That’s why R & R Lawn Care in Lethbridge provides weekly grass cutting, fertilizing and weed control services to keep your yard healthy and looking great throughout the season. Our summer services include:


Weekly lawn cutting - Fertilizing - Weed control

Weekly Lawn Cutting

Weekly service is typically booked at the beginning of the cutting season in April and is carried out twice a week, once a week, or every two weeks depending on the preference of each client and the growth rate of the grass. We make sure to cut your grass to the ideal cutting height of about 2.5” to 3”. This height is the sweet spot to ensure you will save on watering, keep your lawn healthier, and have a better chance against weeds and drought. We never scalp your lawn (cutting too close to the soil surface) because this can easily kill the grass and allow weeds to invade. Overgrown grass may present similar problems.

Lawn trimming

Weed Control

Effective control of weeds in turf is based on correct identification. Weeds detract from the beauty of lawns due to the contrast in color and texture. In addition, weeds compete with desired grass plants for available water and nutrients, usually resulting in thinning.


The most effective method of controlling lawn weeds is to maintain a dense and vigorously growing turf. Weeds are often an indication of problems in the grass plant environment, and killing the weeds without correcting the underlying problem will lead to unsatisfactory results. A combination of proper cultural practises plus prudent use of chemicals is the best way to control weeds effectively. Post-emergence herbicides are used to kill weeds after they are up and growing. The herbicides must be absorbed through the leaves and liquid sprays work the best in this regard.

Contact one of our trained chemical applicators to find out when the best time to use chemicals in the treatment of your weed problem.

Say Yes to Professional Lawn Care

Put the experience of R & R Lawn Care Inc. to work for you in keeping your property looking gorgeous.

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